by Eshan Mitra

Comic 100

No, we've not forgotten that promise to hit the 100 mark, just gotten extremely delayed on it. Some brand new comics are going to be coming out starting in September!

by Eshan Mitra

The End

Today's comic sadly marks the end of our official run in the Brown Daily Herald. Of course, we can't leave you hanging with 97 comics, so stay tuned here over the next couple weeks, and we'll hit at least the 100 mark.

by Eshan Mitra

The blog posts continue!

I haven't got much to say here, but I got tired of "comic week two" being the most recent blog post.

This comic is still alive, and well beyond week two. Hooray!

by Eshan Mitra

The Adventure Continues!

Comic week two begins! Thanks for sticking around!

by Eshan Mitra


The first comic has been released! What sort of treacherous villainy will the upcoming semester bring? Stay tuned to find out.